Thursday, 2 July 2009

well it is one o'clock in the morning, on the night before i leave home. for the last six months Sean and i have been talking about our adventures ahead, planning, more planing and changing our plans. As they say the world is our rocky mountain oyster?

I can't help but worry. have i taught Sean enough. Will he survive at rock creek? no matter now! we are off!

We have talked over the last months about all the things we need to make a successful film. we discussed steady cams, jib arms solar power two camera's what size camera where to go how to log our tapes and so many other things. As we spoke we all ways came to the conclusion "Yeah that sounds good.... lets have a beer and play some blues" now on the eve of our adventure i have spent all day on the phone chasing the equipment we talked about months before... all of a sudden it was three days till we set off.... SHIT i haven't got a tripod i haven't finished the steady cam ad so many other things.

You have no idea how much i love being here ( Mt Beauty) my excitement on our future plans at bogong horse back are equal if not greater than my travel aspirations. But since we are not yet ready to build.... i am off to for fill my other dream of creating a travel documentary with one of my best mates. A dream i have had for several years...

So To all my friends and family who are staying home to work, i leave behind all my love and good wishes to see you through the cold and wet winter ahead.

Tuesday, 30 June 2009


the count down

With only five days to go until we hit San Francisco, i am just now remembering all the things i had to do.